If it’s an interconnected universe, isolated fragments do not exist.

Lefteris Heretakis
3 min readFeb 14, 2023

Bradford Hansen-Smith


Listen to Bradford Hansen Smith in this amazing episode of design education talks”

We could, we could go on for hours with just starting with where we started. And it connects to everything else. And that’s the beauty of starting with a circle with young children is that no matter where that child is, where that mind how that mind functions, whether it functions to spatial patterns, verbal patterns, musical patterns, whatever, whatever pattern, things make sense to that mind, which is basically what they’re going to do with their lives where it goes, they’re going to find something in that circle that they’re going to connect with. And that’s going to connect them to everybody else folding the circle. So we are on the same page. But we’re all doing different things. We don’t have to argue about it. We don’t have to fight about it. And it doesn’t matter how you define whole. I’ve had some people come up and say, Well, if you really want to know about whole, use read the Bible. Well, I could read the Koran find out about the whole too or any number of other sacred texts. we are arguing about other people’s ideas and beliefs that we’ve accepted as our own. Rather than finding our own. From the get go. Fuller has an interesting book, Buckminster Fuller, no secondhand god, that’s the title of his book, not secondhand God. And it’s not a religious book, he just gets into whatever…